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Who Influences You? An Interview with Ben Parr at SXSW

June 7th, 2012 by Lan Nguyen

At Klout, we’re fascinated by the discussion around influence – what it is, how it works, how it manifests today in the online space, and more. We’re always interested in hearing different perspectives, so we set up shop at SXSW and asked people a simple question: who influences you?

Ben Parr, co-founder of The Peep Project and former Editor-at-Large at Mashable, took some time to sit and chat with us at the Klout Krib party. Check out his response in the video below.

Videographer: Mark Likosky

Who influences you?

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  • Pclind

    I thik you are missing the boat of not taking LinkedIN into account at all! Also

  • Lisa

    Like Ben, my influencers are close to home, my family, my husband and my closest friends. Beyond them are those great individuals who influence through inspiration and in between are all those whom I admire for being great at what they do.

    On the other hand, the 8′ x 12′ box of raisins pictured below recently influenced me to spend $35 on raisin related products at the SunMaid Factory in California!

  • Catcarpt

    The major influences in my life have been my parents,my wife Jane,Joe Polish,T.Harv Ecker,Garrett Gunderson,Jon Butcher,Brendon Burchard,Stephanie Kathan,Adam Markel and his entire family, Michael Fishman,Dr. Wayne Dyer and Sir Richard Branson to name but a few. They continue to inspire and guide me on my life’s journey. 

  • rmsorg

    Nice job Ben and so sweet you mentioned your MOM!! Love it!  But the ending was great, he is using his talents and knowledge to help others, the world!  

    Great video! 


  • Rahul ROy

    I like his blogging style but did’t like that he left mashable. 

  • Dominik

    Good question.

    And who is influencing my child?


  • Klout

    Hi there, to clarify, LinkedIn does contribute to the Klout score along with Facebook profiles, Twitter, Google+ personal profiles and foursquare. You can read more at