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How Becoming CEO of Yahoo! Boosted Marissa Mayer’s Klout Score

July 17th, 2012 by Paul Kim

Marissa Mayer became CEO of Yahoo! yesterday, and we took a look at how the outpouring of social media activity around this announcement affected her Klout Score. Starting with a Klout Score of 60, Marissa was already in the upper echelon of Klout Scores prior to the announcement. The news about her becoming CEO of Yahoo! boosted her score by 10 points in just one day, to a 70, with her Tweet announcing the news, generating more than 2,800 retweets. Marissa’s announcement was retweeted by many other social media influencers, including Kevin Rose and Michael Arrington.

Ariana Huffington, Dick Costolo, Jack Dorsey, and many others sent personal congratulatory tweets, further boosting Mayer’s Score.

Last night Marissa Mayer announced some more big news — her pregnancy. We’ll be watching to see how much of a baby bump there will be in tomorrow’s Klout Score!

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  • Patrick Tomasso

    So this just proves that all it takes is one tweet to prove you’re more influential online? She didn’t get smarter, she didn’t become more influential, she simply took on a new role. Starting to hate this platform more and more. 

  • Danny Brown

    Here’s a question – is she even registered with your service, or is she one of the millions you create profiles for that don’t know (or care) about Klout?

  • Anca Dumitru
  • Danny Brown

     No – that shows she has a profile. Registering more details with Klout is a different thing altogether – klout creates your profile whether you like it or not, and most people don’t even know about their questionable approach.

  • Onthewall

    The Klout icon isn’t grayed out which mean she registered.

  • Danny Brown

     Unfortunately i can’t see that as I opted out and I won’t allow Klout to drag me back in via Facebook, just to see a profile.

    Klout must have changed that, as everyone’s Klout icon used to be strong; it was only the other icons that were grayed out.

  • Paul Kim

    We measure influence as the ability to drive action. It was the combination of thousands of people responding to her tweet and the activity around it that caused her Score to rise.

  • Paul Kim

    Yes, she’s registered with Klout. (I work here.)

  • Danny Brown

    Makes a nice change from your usual practice. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Auction

    Really it’s a useful information about that.

  • Anonymous

    My Klout score dropped 40 points in one day. Did it last week too – then the next day it returned back to normal. My Klout score trending chart is chock full of day long dramatic swings. Something is seriously wrong with Klout. Broken marketing tool.

  • Klout
  • Hikari Abe

    Congratulations on your promotion, Marissa!  It’s great news for women all
    over the world.  

  • Hikari Abe

    Congratulations on your promotion, Marissa!  It’s great news for women all
    over the world.  

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  • Anca Dumitru

    That’s what I meant as well.

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  • Jure KLEPIC

    Paul Hi, 

    Definition of influence is power to sway. So now explain to me what kind of behavioral change did Klout detect with announcement of Marissa’s new position that could make a case of increase of her influence? I am sorry to say but Klout or any other tools out there were designed and built by engineers  who dont have any understanding of what influence is. No to say that your developers completely ignored any studies published by well recognized names who are researching influence for decades. ie.Cialdini… You said in comment below “We measure influence as the ability to drive action. It was the combination of thousands of people responding to her tweet and the activity around it that caused her Score to rise.” Let’s be clear and honest at least Was not Marissa who made announcement but media outlet, tweets above as well don’t indicate any changes in behavior except expressing congratulation. Congratulation is not really a behavior change, but acknowledgment of an awareness. What Klout is trying to measure is personal power and you are incorporating manifestation of the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Klout, Kred and others aren’t influencing anything but ego’s of people.  

  • Paul Kim

    Hey Jure – Appreciate your thoughts. You and the other Kred Community Leaders always pose interesting questions about how to measure influence. Your notes here speak more to the definition of influence than the efficacy of Klout or any other platform to measure it. The philosophical debate about how to define influence will likely continue for decades, but social media took the first steps in democratizing it by giving everyone a worldwide communication medium. Our mission is to make it as understandable as possible so everyone can be recognized – not just celebrities, politicians and media. It’s early days, but we’re really happy with our progress so far.

  • Asecon Asesores

    WOOWWW!!! It seems I’ll need to become CEO of a company to increase my score… ;-)