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More Klout for Your Nightlife

July 26th, 2012 by James Frankel

If you like getting up on your feet and going out to clubs, chances are you’ve heard of Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles. But were you able to jump to the front of the line on a Friday or Saturday night?

Like many businesses that work with us to offer great experiences to Klout users, Playhouse Nightclub is the first of several on the horizon that will begin to recognize influencers by offering exclusive advantages.

As the first club to work with Klout, Playhouse Nightclub is ahead of the curve in understanding the power of influence. Beginning this Friday, July 27, Playhouse Nightclub will offer VIP access Klout users with a Score of 50 and above. If you arrive at the club before 11 p.m. you will get in free. After 11 p.m., you get 50 percent off of the cost of admission. No need to display your Score from your phone, Playhouse Nightclub staff will check it at the door from their iPad.

Stay tuned for more of these VIP experiences to be rolled out at some of the hottest nightclubs across the country.

Playhouse Nightclub
6506 Hollywood Blvd @ Wilcox
Los Angeles, CA

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