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Team Klout Walks to Help End AIDS

July 19th, 2012 by Kameron Kitajima

Sunday, July 15, 2012, was a typical foggy day in San Francisco. More than 20,000 people from all across the Bay Area gathered in Golden Gate Park for one mission: to help end AIDS.

Everyone gathered around the event’s main stage for the opening announcements. “AIDS Walk is vital to our efforts to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and make sure all people living with the disease have access to proper care. This year, the foundation marks its 30th year of answering the call from our community.” said Neil Giuliano, CEO of San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Team Klout was also on the ground donating its time and feet to the cause. Twenty Klout employees, plus their friends, family and one puppy walked the 10k course on Sunday as they shared the experience on Facebook and Twitter. Team Klout raised more than $1.1k in funds to help fight AIDS.

Other companies, such as Twitter, Pixar, Google and Starbucks were also out at the event to support the end of AIDS. Katelin Holloway, Director of People and Culture at Klout, talks more about her personal experience at AIDS Walk SF:

“Influence encompasses so much more than how many Facebook friends you have, who retweets you, and what restaurants to go to. Influence also includes helping your community to find its voice, illustrating a cause, and effecting positive change. On Sunday we used our influence to raise awareness about AIDS. We took a stand with our community to help fund the research that will end this epidemic. I’ve been participating in the San Francisco AIDS Walk for 7 years, honoring the memory of someone very close to me. It’s such a deeply personal event and I was thrilled to be able to walk alongside my coworkers this year. My heart swells with pride seeing a whole community pull their influence together and make a true impact.”


Earlier this month, Klout users were able to take part in this event thanks to the Klout for Good and AIDS Walk San Francisco partnership. Klout users were asked to help spread the word about the campaign on Twitter, and each tweet would push a virtual Klout team 2.5 meters. Influencers answered the call and reached the 10k goal by the fourth day of the campaign. To date, virtual team Klout has completed the animated course nearly twice—19,520 meters.

In total, all walkers at the event helped fundraise $2.7 Million and walked more than 124,000 miles. That is almost the equivalent of walking around the Earth five times!

We at Klout want to thank you all so much for your support with AIDS Walk San Francisco and continued support with our Klout for Good program!

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