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Welcoming Our Newest Kloutlaw – Emil Michael

July 2nd, 2012 by Joe Fernandez
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Klout team members (or Kloutlaws as we prefer to call ourselves) are a special breed. We are obsessed with empowering everyone to discover and be recognized for their influence and pride ourselves on the passion with which we embark on this mission.

Today I am proud to announce that Emil Michael has joined Klout as our COO and is the newest member of our Board of Directors. Emil is more than overflowing with all the qualities of a Kloutlaw and will be overseeing all business functions of Klout. Emil has an extensive background as an entrepreneur and operator that includes time as Senior Vice President of Field Operations for TellMe Networks, a senior official at the White House, and an investor/advisor in some of the best tech companies in NYC and Silicon Valley.

This hire is incredibly special to me personally. Since I started Klout four years ago with a dream where every person was recognized for the power of their voice online, I’ve been fortunate to be joined by an amazing team. It started with my co-founder, Binh Tran, who focused on technology, and Matt Thomson, who was our first business hire and has basically filled every role possible. Now, with over 40 billion API calls monthly, millions of Klout users and brands like Chevy, Microsoft, Gilt and others recognizing the Klout of their customers, we are making this vision a reality. With the addition of Emil we are poised to take everything we’ve done to the next level.

Please join me in welcoming Emil to Klout with a +K on his Klout profile.

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