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Klout for Good: Helping Put an End to the Illegal Wildlife Trade

September 12th, 2012 by Kameron Kitajima

Klout believes everyone has influence, and influence comes with responsibility. Klout for Good aims to help you leverage your influence to help make the world more a better place for everyone.

The illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth more than $10 billion per year and has drastically reduced many wildlife populations around the world. Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent protecting animals in the wild, yet virtually nothing is spent on stopping the demand for wildlife parts and products.

WildAid, an international non-profit organization based in San Francisco, is the only organization focused on reducing the demand for endangered species products. With an unrivaled portfolio of Celebrity Ambassadors like Yao Ming, Jackie Chan, Harrison Ford and Leonardo DiCaprio, WildAid delivers high-impact, culturally sensitive multimedia campaigns reaching one billion people every week, globally.

This month, we’ve partnered with WildAid to raise awareness and help put an end to the illegal wildlife trade. Visit the WildAid Klout for Good site, donate your influence, and sign the Global Pledge for Wildlife to call on the world’s leaders to ensure the conservation and protection of our planet’s wildlife.

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  • Lindy Bee Giordano

    Its sad to see so many animals becoming exstinct and being used in circus acts and traveling shows. Ive seen it first hand years ago when a smmall unit came to South Whitley In and sat up back at the school parking lot and the elephants appeared to be crying as they kept swaying back and forth. They looked as if they were extremely hot and I felt so terrible.

  • Jose Toledo

    Great iniciative to let people tu use their influence helping in this kind of things