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September 6th, 2012 by Joe Fernandez
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It’s been about a month since we launched the most significant update to the Klout Score ever. Besides improving accuracy by adding sources like Wikipedia and greatly increasing the signals from every network we measure, this new score enables a level of transparency that has never been seen in the world of influence measurement. Since launching the updated score we have been rolling out an updated site that shows this transparency off through Klout Moments.

Today I am proud to announce that we have retired the old Klout site and everyone now has access to Klout Moments.

We are really proud of this update to Klout; it turned the heads of the press (see Time, Businessweek, PandoDaily) and turned critics into investors (see “Uncrunched: Why I Changed My Mind on Klout”). Since that day we have seen the highest registration and engagement metrics in our history.

This update to both the Klout Score and our site was a full company effort and we all hope you enjoy this release. One of the things we are particularly excited for you to experience is the pleasure of clicking around your friends’ Klout Moments. We’ve found it to be a fun reminder of how interesting, insightful, funny and influential our networks can be. We also built an incredibly robust privacy system that respects the viewing permissions of whatever network you created your moment on (Facebook posts set to friends only are only viewable by those Facebook friends on Klout, for example) and gives you full control over who has access to your moments.

Check out now to see your most influential moments, and let us know what you think!

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  • sphub

    it`s so cool~ I visit and check my Klout score every day by App and site. I have waited klout`s this new service for long time, and I ready for social analysis servce business in korea with Klout. I`m going to promote Klout`s new service and their young passion to future.

  • sphub

    so cool~ I visit and check my klout score every day.

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  • Robert Connor

    Pretty cool idea guys and gals! Have a great day on purpose!

  • Klout

    Hi Chris, correct. We have removed this feature from the updated site.

  • Anonymous

    How do I access the dashboard with the analytics? I can only see my main moments page when I log in.

  • Klout

    You can access the dashboard by clicking the “dashboard” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, My account is signed in via twitter. I cannot see the topbar that has the dashboard button on top.

    When I sign in through my other account via facebook, the top bar menu appears.

  • Klout

    Try clearing your cache/cookies or try from a different browser. Let us know at if you continue to see issues.

  • Klout

    Hi Miriam, we’ve removed this feature from the updated site.

  • egam

    I have been watching my klout score drop because you don’t have facebook included in the analysis. My facebook insights are the highest they’ve ever been, but my klout score has dropped 3 pts. So Klout really doesn’t have any “klout” with me any longer

  • Klout

    We’re sorry to hear that. Have you sent us an email at to look into further into your account for you?

  • Patrik Ohlson

    Seems like IE9 has a problem with that – Firefox works though.

  • Klout

    Hi Chris, yes, you are correct. Our system updates your Score, stats, and moments once a day so it may take a couple of days to reflect on your profile after creating a new account or connection. If you are still seeing issues, let us know at to look into further for you.

  • Klout

    Sorry to hear that. Can you send us an email at to look into further for you? Thanks!

  • Jennie Hennesay

    Huh! All these moments in my Klout as my score steadily drops. I don’t get what all the fuss is about. And then it says Sign in with Disqus, facebook twitter or google, but when I try to sign in with one of the last three I still have to register with Disqus first. Why have all the others on there?

  • Debbie Clement

    When will Klout add Pinterest as a site of influence? That is my largest network of followers. I sure hope that you get it added to the mix.

  • Cathryn Murdoch

    I agree on pulling posts from Facebook more often as we only have so much time in a day valid point. Klout lets me know my voice is being heard and I voice for many other people which is the real bonus for me.
    Thank You.

  • VitaminaPublicitária

    Very good guys!

  • Jennifer Hope Webster

    My influence has been entirely private as I serve the community globally. My friend who is a cartoonist and Christian author said…”jen i bet u have a lot of klout”…he asked me to get back to him w a number…since it can be as as I want it to be..i went for it…

  • Lori Peters

    I have more than one Twitter account for different business ventures. Why can I only use one? My score changes depending on which Twitter account I use. My Klout score goes up, but where are my perks?

  • Mithu Hassan

    I agree on pulling posts from Facebook more often as well as from Google Plus !!

  • Donovan Suarez

    I have been trying to sing in to my account for the past two months and i can only have access from my mobile device… i want to see and take advantage of all the features that can only be seen on a computer…
    This is what it says:
    connect with facebook, i click on it and it says “Sorry, that email already belongs to @XXXXXXX
    Is that you? Sign in with Twitter or Log Out”

    that is my user name, then i go to twitter, and click on the sign in button and nothing happens…
    I tried to log out and do every other way that i think could work.
    What should i do?
    i am seriously getting frustrated…

  • Carmelo Colón Sr.

    Good job on the site but frequent updates from Facebook are a must.

  • Ali R. Rodriguez

    I feel your pain. I’m going through something similar and it perplexes me.

  • Ali R. Rodriguez

    I’ve had one of the busiest two weeks both in FB and Twitter (not to mention Google+) and yet, I just dropped 2 points. I feel FB’s updates need to be pulled more often.

  • PlanesTrainsAuto

    Will Klout add Pinterest onto the influence scores?

  • Blondie

    I so agree! Pintrest and Tumblr!

  • Sue

    Pinterest Would be Great!!! Great Pinner’s and Followers…Thanks Klout for My Perk…I posted A Review,Can’t find it…Excellent Products…Gentle Effective…

  • nicola

    like it

  • Ken Danieli

    One hour ago, Klout sent me the email below, congratulating me on an important new Klout Moment on my profile.

    At my Klout profile, , it say “No Moments Were Found”

    Why would Klout email me to alert me to a Moment that’s not there?

    Klout score = 76, not a newbie. Please help.


  • Melissa Cawthorne

    I so need to learn more about this Klout!

  • Mel

    I’m sure my klout moments are not working – frequent multi retweets of my original tweets don’t show – one tweet recently retweeted by 30 tweeps & another by 10 – yet I have no moments

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