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Klout Perks Takes NYC Influencers to Microsoft’s Windows 8 Microtropolis

October 25th, 2012 by Clayton Su

Here at Klout, we want to help people understand their influence, be recognized for it, and get some pretty awesome Perks in the process.

One of the ways Klout is doing this is by sending our influencers to top-notch, VIP events. Starting today, Klout Perks will help influencers already in an ‘Empire State of Mind’ get in a ‘Windows 8 State of Mind’ by making them VIPs at Microsoft’s Windows 8 Microtropolis event in New York City. Select Klout influencers will be offered VIP access to private events throughout the week, as well as exclusive Microtropolis swag bags. At Microtropolis, influencers will see a city brought to life through Windows 8 and other Microsoft products at various events between October 26th and November 3rd.

So you live in the New York City area and want to check out Microtropolis? Head over to, and check your Perk notifications to see if you’re eligible. Be sure to move fast—spaces are limited and, as always, Perks are first come, first serve.

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  • Avon_Shay

    Just check my notifications and no offer. :( Hope to get one, Klout!! :)

  • Stuart Tracte

    The swag bag was pathetic. Plus, it wasn’t a VIP pass either. Everyone was the same. There WAS a VIP entrance but they made us go through the general line as Klout perk recipients.

    Worst of all, the “VIP gift bag” was a burlap bag filled with stuff they gave everyone else for free. Microsoft buttons and a postcard. Nothing special or even desirable about it.

    The venue treated everyone like a potential criminal. We couldn’t wear our jackets inside, even though it was quite chilly. Every bag and jacket needed to be checked and was done tactlessly. A really poor experience. I was excited to be invited. It was a disappointing experience to say the least. If they consider me influential, why provide me with an experience that is less than optimal? I’m going to use that same influence to tell everyone how poor the experience was.

    Here’s your chance to fix it, Microsoft. Make it up to me. I promise if you do, I’ll herald your customer service. I’ll say great things about how Microsoft listens to people.

    For example, you gave me a free copy of Windows 7 for participating in a house party. That was before online influence evolved to what it is today. I showed windows to all my friends and coworkers and they buzzed about it. You couldn’t measure that, yet you sent me a copy and a box of stuff. Today, you could measure how much I “gave” back if you put a device in my hands (even temporarily) or a copy of Windows or a mobile device. You could measure how much impact my words have. Why provide such a memorably poor experience? I hope you measure that.

    I’m surely a fan of the company. Things like this make it difficult to wear my Microsoft t-shirt.

  • DirtySouf Yankee

    I went to the event and I must say, besides the tasty hors d’oeuvres, the event was petty boring and not much of a perk. They also did not have my name at the door (I had to just show them my confirmation email) and I was also told as I left the event at 11:45pm that there were no such thing as “swag bags”.

  • SEO Company

    What about people living outside NYC? Will they also experienced this klout perks?

  • Klout

    Right now this Perk is is only for the NYC area. Continue to keep your eye out for more Perks in your area soon!

  • Klout

    Thanks for the feedback and we’re sorry to hear that. We’ll pass the feedback along to our Perks team.

  • Klout

    Hi Stuart, we’re sorry to hear about the experience. We’ll make sure to pass your feedback along to our Perks team and Microsoft.

  • Ashley Metcalfe

    Any news on perks for people in the UK without us having to pay hefty charges for carriage that is :-)

  • Klout

    Hi Ashley, we’re looking into other locations soon for Perks! Please stay tuned.

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