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NBA Rivalries Extend to Klout

November 1st, 2012 by Eric Jorgensen
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I grew up Where the Buffalo Roam, a place where the National Basketball Association (NBA) is nothing more than the afterlife for college basketball stars. Yet, I gravitated to the league, in large part thanks to the Dream Team. That team was a cultural juggernaut. It was the foundation for the NBA’s global stardom that is now driven with the help of social media.

Fans worldwide tuned in to broadcasts and social media to get all the scoops on their favorite teams this week as the 2012-2013 season tipped off. As a fan, I was curious to see the teams’ Klout Scores. I looked them up and noticed something pretty interesting; the notable on-court rivalries are playing out on Klout as well.

What’s the most legendary NBA rivalry? The Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Boston Celtics. They’ve won more championships than any other team, and half of the greatest Finals games played can be traced to the bicoastal rivalry. They also have the top two NBA team Klout Scores, 93 and 91 respectively. I’m curious to see where these teams’ Scores land as we move toward their first matchup on February 7, 2013.

Some other rivalries are competitive on Klout as well:
- Miami Heat 90, Chicago Bulls 89.
- Los Angeles Lakers 93, Los Angeles Clippers 88.
- Brooklyn Nets 86, New York Knicks 79.
- Houston Rockets 88, Dallas Mavericks 88, San Antonio Spurs 87.

Now, I’m a big Miami Heat fan (as are my brother and sister), and we take all the flack you can imagine for that, given we’re not from Miami and all the negative press the Heatles have generated. So, I have to take solace in things like winning championships. I would also like to win the very unofficial Klout championship, so I implore you, Heat, to bring that social media fire.

Where does your team rank?

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Eric Jorgensen

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  • Sabrina Mainwaring

    #4 GO BULLS!

  • Christian Moore

    How do you have the lakers and celtics ahead of the heat when the lakers are 0-2 (0-10 including preseason) and miami beat the celtics on opening night?. Who’s doing the math here? Based on your logic The “#1″ team in the league is a team who hasn’t even won a game yet lol

  • Jamal Mashburn

    How about ranking of NBA players? Would love to see that.

  • Klout

    Thanks for the suggestion Jamal!

  • Joe Winpisinger

    This is a great idea…I agree with Jamal Mashburn about the players…

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