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Influence Data for the Stars from Crimson Hexagon

December 12th, 2012 by Matthew Thomson
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At Klout we’re super serious about our mission to help all users understand and be recognized for their influence. That means everyone – including brands and high-profile individuals.

The challenge in helping larger-than-life brands is the massive volume of data they evoke online. That’s why intelligent insights are quickly becoming a key tool for helping brands understand how influencers impact audiences. Luckily, there are a number of very solid platforms to choose from.

A standout in this area is Crimson Hexagon, and I’m more than thrilled to announce that starting today, they are integrating Klout influence data into their popular ForSight platform.

Crimson Hexagon has one of the most intelligent and comprehensive analytics platforms in the business, and now, their data is even more relevant with the integration of Klout. Starting today, Klout Scores are a standard component of the insights that Crimson Hexagon offers its customers, with the goal of helping them better understand the impact of marketing and business programs with key individuals.

What’s also interesting for us at Klout is the entertainment industry’s quick adoption of Crimson Hexagon’s technology to help place a value on the social presence of celebrities and would-be celebrities. The entertainment industry is increasingly looking at Klout as a social resume for their clientele, using it as a factor in making casting and hiring decisions. The industry will now have that critical influence data baked into one of their favorite monitoring tools.

Crimson Hexagon President, Curt Bloom, is bullish about what the integration will do to bolster his clients’ effectiveness online. “It’s a daunting task to make day-to-day decisions about the best way to identify, understand and reach your most important customers. I’m very excited about the work we’re doing with Klout, and I know that over time, influence data will become one of the most-watched pieces of information driving those decisions.”

Check out Crimson Hexagon’s site for more information about what they do and how it works, and I’m sure you’ll get more insight into why this partnership makes so much sense.

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