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Klout for Good: Fight Rare Cancers with Cycle for Survival

January 22nd, 2013 by Eric Jorgensen
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Klout believes everyone has influence, and influence comes with responsibility. Klout for Good aims to help you leverage your influence to make the world a better place for everyone.

This month’s Klout For Good charity partner hits close to home for many of us at Klout. So close that Dave Linn, founder of Cycle for Survival, personally came to the Klout office to ask for our help. Now, we are excited to join the battle with Cycle for Survival to beat rare cancers.

So, what is Cycle for Survival? It’s the national, high-energy, indoor team cycling event that funds rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Together with its founding partner, Equinox, Cycle for Survival raises money to fight rare cancers by funding critical research. With over $21 million raised since 2007, Cycle for Survival makes a tangible and significant impact in the fight against rare cancers – 100% of all funds raised go directly to the most promising research at MSKCC within six months of each event.

Fifty percent of all people diagnosed with cancer have a rare form of the disease – including well-known cancers like leukemia, all pediatric cancers, and sarcoma – and those researching cures and treatments for those cancers need funding to make progress possible. To date, Cycle for Survival has funded 53 clinical trials and research studies, paving the way for better, more effective treatment options for those fighting rare cancers. But there is more work to be done.

Today, Cycle for Survival is a juggernaut. This year’s events are taking place at 12 Equinox clubs across the country. Cycle for Survival asked us to help, and now we are asking you.

Beyond our fundraising efforts, Klout employees will compete in the San Francisco Cycle for Survival event on February 2. We are proud to ride in the name of those whom cancer has taken from us.

Most of us know a friend or family member battling cancer and they need our help. Learn how your influence and donations can help combat rare forms of cancer on our Klout For Good site.

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Eric Jorgensen

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