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Reality TV Show Hosts Square Off

March 1st, 2013 by Eric Jorgensen

Reality TV shows, specifically competition-based series, just make for good drama. Well, mostly. Piloting those shows are the big personality hosts, such as Ryan Seacrest, Jeff Probst and Heidi Klum. These are people with some serious Klout. It raises the question, which reality TV show host has the highest Klout Score?

You can see the complete rankings in our newest Klout Pulse list, Reality TV Show Hosts.

We put the hosts of the hottest reality series in a list together to compete for our top spot, the way contestants on their shows do every day.

If Klout Pulse is new to you, we’d love to hear your suggestions for lists. Take a look at our other lists, and let us know which list you’d like to see created by tweeting at us with #KloutPulse.

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  • Miriam Slozberg

    No surprise with Ryan Seacrest.