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Welcome to Twitter, Hillary Clinton!

June 19th, 2013 by Sahana Ullagaddi

Last week, Hillary Clinton made her official Twitter debut. Equipped with an epic Twitter bio and profile picture from the #TextsfromHillary meme, she definitely entered the Twitterverse in style.

We loved seeing Hillary’s real-world influence translate on social media. Within 24 hours of her first tweet, she was greeted by Ellen DeGeneres, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton.

In her first tweet, she thanks the creators of the popular Texts from Hillary Tumblr for their inspiration. Given the excitement and engagement around Hillary joining Twitter, it’s no surprise that her Klout Score has skyrocketed.

Take a look:

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  • House Clearance

    I think lot of twitter members are excited to know the other side of Hillary Clinton aside from her being politician.

  • h3rh0und

    Ahahaha, I love that she’s become more active in social spheres! #ladieskickingass

  • Klout

    Agreed! Especially loved her Twitter bio.

  • Klout

    Thanks for your comment. A social media presence can give you totally new insight to a person.

  • Marian DeRossett

    I am so glad to see Hillary on here and what a role model for women everywhere.Hope to see a woman President before I leave this earth and is a dream come true.I have been on this earth for 67 years and I will back women.Hillary for President and of course I am a woman and woman power as they can do it.