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Yammer Time! Klout Partners with Yammer to Unlock Influence in the Enterprise

June 25th, 2013 by Genevieve Lydstone and Ananda Ghosh

Here at Klout, we’re dedicated to helping our users understand and harness their expertise and influence, and where else are those traits better displayed than where you work? Today, we’re thrilled to announce our first foray into measuring influence in the enterprise through our new partnership with Yammer.

Now organizations that use Yammer (over 85 percent of the Fortune 500!), will more easily discover hidden talent and expertise so that it can be identified and optimized across the company.

You now have the option to show your Klout Score and Topics of Influence in your Yammer profile. Klout is also beginning the process of ingesting data from Yammer to create a Yammer-specific Klout Score.

Here’s an example of how this might work in your company: imagine your graphic designer is also a talented photographer and DJ (like Klout designer, Geoff Olegario!). Geoff handles most of our photography needs and serves as our resident DJ at Klout. We’re guessing (hoping!) he enjoys these opportunities to flex his creative muscles beyond his day job. Until today, most large companies lacked the tools to surface and embrace this expertise and talent at scale. By joining forces with Yammer, we envision a world where employers understand and harness the influence and talents of their employees to create a more fulfilling and connected workplace for everyone.

This is only the beginning of the momentum we’re seeing with organizations who recognize the power of Klout to surface influence and expertise, and we’re excited to see this partnership evolve and grow.

Click here to connect your Yammer account to Klout.

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