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A Redesigned Klout Profile and All Your Perks in One Place

September 20th, 2013 by Sahana Ullagaddi
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We just rolled out some new features on Klout that we’re excited to share with you.

Redesigned Profiles
We’ve updated the profile page with a fresh new design so that it’s easier for others to get a sense of who you are on online. Just like on the old profile, you’ll find the new look showcases the social networks you’re active on, your topics, top influencers, and a sample of your top content. When viewing your friends’ profiles, you’ll have an opportunity to give them +K in the topics you think they’re influential about. The new modular, tiled layout of the profile will allow us to add more interesting data points about your influence down the line, so stay tuned.

Updated Klout Profile

Your personal Perks page
We’ve moved all of your Perks to its own dedicated page so that you can easily see which new Perks you are eligible for and check on the status of Perks you’ve claimed. Want to see if you’ve made it off the waitlist or leave feedback for a completed Perk? Just navigate to your personal Perks page from the black navigation to revisit that particular Perk. You can even check out other Perks that we’ve got in the works from this page.

‘My Perks’ page

Perks Showcase
From your personal Perks page, you can click on any Perk to check out what influencers are saying about the experience. You’ll find ratings, reviews, and all of the social buzz happening around that Perk. Share your experience and your posts may appear there too!

Influencer Reviews & Perks Showcase

We’re always working to improve improve the Klout user experience. Check out your new profile and let us know how you like the new look in the comments below.

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Sahana Ullagaddi

Consumer Marketing at Klout
I manage Klout's content marketing, social media marketing, and community engagement efforts. I'm passionate about digital trends, creativity, and ultimately people.

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  • Miriam Slozberg

    It all looks really good

  • Erika

    Will you guys be adding Pinterest as a connected network?

  • henrymin

    Gorgeous! Congrats team Klout! I love how the perks page is contextual.

  • leandrew rowsey

    i hope klout supports ps4/twitch and ustream this would be killer if so


    Guys, I haven’t understoof two things for now:

    -Why does it show only 6 of the 10 interests?
    -How can I share the klout I give. Previously when I was awarding there was a pop up for share which was also mentioning the klouts left.

  • guy

    nice job !

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  • Denis Marsili

    Very nice indeed!! =)

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  • Sharon O’Day

    Same questions: how to share and why limit topics and influencers to 6?

  • roger

    Brilliant inspiration for Microsoft’s design language – Modern.

  • Mercurie80

    The new profile looks good, but I have some problems with it. For one thing, I really liked the ability to sort moments by network. For another, it now seems that I can only see about six of each of my friends’ topics. I liked being able to see all ten! The new profile does look good (although I still think I preferred the look of the old profile), but it seems to have sacrificed form for functionality.

  • Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd

    New #klout profile design huge improvement; have you considered option to upload custom background, or at minimum, custom background color/look.

  • Robin Wilson

    I can no longer find a way to share Klout I have given

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  • Adrian Bold

    Is there still a way to see how many Ks you have to give?

  • Laurel Klem

    Same problem. I can only K 6 topics, and would love to at least tweet the K’s I am able to give. Otherwise nice update.

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  • Frank Feather

    The new platform is full of bugs:

    1. Myself and others are not able to award even a single +K to anyone in any Topic.
    2. Why are only 6 Topics visible to visitors?
    3. Why only 6 Influencers visible, and why can I not manage Influencers?

    Before you make any changes to the platform, you should always thoroughly test it to make sure it works … and then fix any bugs promptly.

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  • Cai

    I have a bunch of perks listed in my notifications menu as being awarded to me, but they aren’t on my Perks page. The Perks page just tells me to check back later for more perks, and clicking on the Perk in the notification drop-down either takes me to the discussion page for that Perk or does nothing at all. What am I doing wrong?

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