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Connect Your Social Profiles to Bing with Klout-verified Snapshots

October 11th, 2013 by Paul Kim and Genevieve Lydstone

From the beginning of Klout, we’ve been focused on helping people better understand and be recognized for how they influence others. Through our ongoing partnership with Bing, we’ve been able to integrate search results into the Klout Score as a direct indicator of real world influence. Today we’re excited to announce that we’re taking another step in connecting search with influence by introducing Klout-verified Snapshots on Bing.

Search is one of the most common ways that information about you is discovered by other people. Snapshots on Bing enable anyone who signs up on Klout to verify and manage how they appear in Bing search results, based on their public social network profiles. You’ll now be able to easily share your professional accomplishments and highlights, as well as your most influential moments on Instagram and Twitter, when people search for you on Bing.

Here’s how it works.

You’ll need to register for Klout if you don’t already have an account, and then connect your LinkedIn profile to your Klout account. To get started, click here. After you’ve connected your LinkedIn profile to Klout, you’ll be able to claim your Bing Snapshot.

Now, when someone searches for you on Bing, your Klout-verified Snapshot will be displayed next to the search results and will show your:

  • Public LinkedIn summary
  • Links to your connected social profiles
  • Klout Score and influential topics
  • Two of your most influential public moments from Twitter (over the past 7 days) and Instagram (over the past 90 days)

You can manage what gets shown in your Snapshot by editing your public profile data on LinkedIn. You can also turn off the display of Twitter and Instagram moments on Bing or opt out of Klout-verified Snapshots by changing your Connected Networks settings on Klout.

Claim your Klout-verified Snapshot today, and take control of how you appear to others when they search for you on Bing.

A special thanks to the teams at Klout and Microsoft responsible for making this happen, especially Aaron Yuen, Dan Marantz, Prantik Bhattacharyya, David Temple, David Friedman, and Ananda Ghosh. Read the Bing announcement about today’s update here.

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