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The Best Social Media Tips For 2014

December 31st, 2013 by Sahana Ullagaddi

The Best Social Media Tips For 2014

2013 proved to be an amazing year of growth for social media. With over 500 million tweets sent every day, 35 million #selfies on Instagram, and 350 million photos uploaded by Facebook users every month, it’s certain that social media will continue to have a significant impact in the upcoming year.

The new year is a great time to revisit your social media strategy. To help you kick off 2014 on the right foot, we’ve summarized the best social media tips we learned in 2013.

Invest In Your Personal Brand Online - Tweet this
Social media is undoubtedly one of the most important tools for building a personal and professional brand online. To put into perspective how much your personal brand matters: 97% of all recruiters use LinkedIn as a part of their recruiting efforts and a few companies have even started using online data to determine credit-worthiness. To connect and be truly authentic with your digital community, we recommend that your personal voice be the foundation of your personal brand. If you focus on the four tactics we’ve provided, building a personal brand can be relatively easy.

Become A Content Sharing Pro – Tweet this
We know one thing for sure, top influencers have a common trait: they curate and share awesome content. A compelling content strategy can help you increase awareness, build credibility, improve site traffic, and even boost SEO. You can find your sweet spot by sharing a healthy balance of curated content in addition to your original content. To build an engaged audience, try incorporating these three tips into your content strategy.


Take Your Social Presence To The Next Level – Tweet this
Twitter is one of the best platforms for real-time conversations. From a royal births to government shutdowns, we’ve seen some of the biggest moments from 2013 unfold before our eyes on Twitter. In fact, Twitter set a new record in 2013 for tweets-per-second with 143,199 tweets sent per second by content creators. With so many conversations happening on social, if you’ve ever wondered how certain influencers stand out more than others and have thousands of engaged followers, here’s the secret sauce for how they use Twitter.

Showcase Your Influence Offline - Tweet this
After you’ve created a plan for your online brand, it’s the right time to start thinking about how to showcase your expertise and influence offline. Public speaking is one of the most vital skills to take your offline influence to the next level. Whether leading a client meeting, presenting at a meetup, or speaking at a conference, your powerful communication skills can help you land success. These five tips that will help you influence your offline audience to relate, engage and act.

What do you plan on doing to optimize your social media strategy in 2014? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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  • Antionette Blake

    This is definitely on target – because of my blog I am now a voluntary instructor teaching Basic Blogging and How to Make $ with a blog classes. I have also been asked to present at various women events – 2014 is the beginning of the many blessing to come …. Happy New Year!

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  • Michael Stover

    Peace to Klout for this article, hope to improve my social brand hopefully by sharing my writing more with others and sharing more content over Facebook and Tumblr and not just Twitter. Follow me at @BigSto on Twitter if you so please. Peace and God Bless.

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  • Klout

    Hi @michael_stover:disqus, glad to her the article was helpful. You’re right on track – make sure you share your content across multiple platforms to help it get as much exposure as possible. Happy New Year!

  • Klout

    @antionetteblake:disqus That’s awesome! Creating awesome content can help exposure you to many opportunities. Congrats on the success.

  • Business Solutions

    I am glad I went on Twitter today and found this. I am now convinced without a doubt that actively engaging with other followers and sharing Valued content will be the key to building my Brand.

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  • Vanessa

    Glad to hear the impact of offline – I like to combine my work with offline and online. These are great tips.

  • Sid H

    Very true. End of the day, we need to still actually meet, talk, argue, laugh with other people IRL esp. meetings. They won’t ever go away. Or at least I hope they wont!

  • Ayesha Ambreen

    Fantastic post! Marketing is seeing a paradigm shift towards more integrated and digital means of communication, active engagement on social media channels is now more essential than ever. Personal branding, I agree, is on top. I see some great tips here. Thank you Sahana for writing such a comprehensive post! It’d really help us adapt our social media strategies for the year upcoming. Cheers!

  • Shatru Naik

    Great tips!

  • Antionette Blake

    Thank You – Happy New Year!

  • Antionette Blake

    Good luck and Happy New Year!

  • Dreamosity

    I joined Toastmasters and am enhancing my speaking skills! I see the power of video but being able to articulate and important message and being able to turn on a camera are not the same. So public speaking, for sure! Collaboration is another strategy I’m planning to leverage.

  • Rob Bertholf

    Great post!

  • Klout

    So glad to hear that you enjoyed this post @ayesha_ambreen:disqus! I agree that marketing is seeing a paradigm shift towards a more integrated and digital means of communication. Are there any other additional tips you’d recommend to readers?

  • Manju Bannihatti

    Very practical tips! Thanks

  • Ally Paige Solorio

    Thank you for the twitter tips! I am new to twitter as a singer / actor social media is key to bridge connections in the industry and build a fan base @soloriosinger

  • Sue Reynolds

    As a social media strategiest it’s great to see Klout confirming what I’ve been preaching for years – thank you Klout for legitimizing my views!

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  • Ayesha Ambreen

    If I have to, I would just add Google+ in ‘Take Your Social Presence To The Next Level’ … Google+ has finally hit the Tipping Point and is constantly racking up more users. It could be a game changer in 2014 with
    continued integration of social media content into Google search ranking

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  • Karly Edwards

    Karly – Mint Online Marketing
    Great post Sahana! I think the main focus for social media in 2014 will be very similar to its focus in 2013. There will be a heavy emphasis on sharing relevant and valuable content and more pressure to engage and interact with others online.

  • Louie Baur

    Public speaking is next on the list for me:) Good to see you guys at the #kloutkrib

  • Karly Edwards

    Karly – Mint Online Marketing
    Thanks for sharing! Great points you make here. The main techniques to consider are to engage on a frequent basis and share interesting information people will want to read. If you follow these tips you will soon be seen as an industry leader.

  • Junaid Ahmed

    Well, these are some really awesome tips to bring the best social media marketing strategies to increase the lead generation. I appreciate your work for gathering and sharing your experienced thoughts with us.

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