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How To Find the Best Last Minute Holiday Gifts

December 16th, 2013 by Sahana Ullagaddi

The clock is ticking on buying the right holiday gifts for your loved ones. We recently shared an article about the perfect holiday gifts for tech lovers, but if something didn’t catch your eye, we know someone who might be able to help you.

This holiday season, you can get help finding great holiday gift ideas for your loved ones from a very special Cinch user, the Cinch Grinch. The grinch will help you get advice from the Cinch community.

In addition to the Cinch Grinch, we’re excited to share a few new feature updates to Cinch. Cinch users can now:

- pass a question to friends via SMS
– use Cinch in Canada
– connect Cinch to their Klout account

Download the latest version Cinch now to get help from the Cinch Grinch to find the perfect holiday gift today!

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  • HoneyB22

    How adorable is YOUR CINCH GRINCH!! :)

  • koam

    Android, obviously

  • Klout

    @koam:disqus, Get ready, because it’s coming soon!

  • Klout

    @disqus_yXuy6OjkBP:disqus Glad to hear you love the Cinch Grinch as much as we do. :)

  • Klout

    This sounds like a great question for Cinch. :)

  • Becca

    Where was i at when everyone is joining klout?? Wow, each article i read i get more impressed. Id say klout is my new social addiction.