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7 Things You Should Know About #NewKlout

February 10th, 2014 by Sanjay Desai

Thanks to everyone who’s given us feedback since we launched #NewKlout a few days ago. The response has been very positive.

Here are a few commonly asked questions that might be on your mind.

How exactly has Klout changed?

Klout now provides tools for not only measuring your online influence, but also increasing it. We’re unlocking the power of our data to help you create content that gets more reactions online.

Specifically, the “Create” tab helps you find shareable articles that are likely to resonate with your friends, fans and followers.  You can also create original posts by clicking the quill in the upper right corner of the “Create” tab. Klout allows you to schedule any content you want to share so that it’s published when people are actually listening.

#NewKlout FAQ


What’s the difference between Klout and other apps that show me content?

Other apps and news readers that surface content are solely intended for your personal consumption. Klout, on the other hand, intelligently recommends content that will strike a chord with your unique audience on social. We can do this because we understand both the topical interests and the cross-network behavior of your audience.

Is the suggested content on Klout personalized for each user?

Yes. Klout provides every user with a unique content stream that is specific to their topical interests. Further, we put personalized tags on content to give you insight into the relevance of particular articles to your specific network. Tags such as “Crowd Pleaser” vary from person to person, since each person’s audience is different.

Where does Klout find the content surfaced in my stream?

Klout pulls content from both social media (e.g. what’s being shared on Twitter and Facebook) as well as a hand-curated list of thousands of RSS feeds from diverse publishers. All content is discovered organically without any paid relationship. If, in the future, Klout were to post content sponsored by a 3rd party, we would mark it accordingly.

Has the Klout Score algorithm changed?

Fear not, the scoring algorithm remains unchanged with #NewKlout.

Does content shared using Klout have a greater impact on my Klout Score than content shared elsewhere?

Nope. The scoring algorithm does not give preferential treatment to posts shared through Klout. That said, regardless of how or where you post content, your score does improve whenever you share something that resonates with your audience.

What’s coming next?

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing tools to help with original content creation as well as a new version of our iOS app that will incorporate many of the features in the web version. We also have an Android app in the works as well.

If you have any other questions about #NewKlout, please let us know. We’re excited to be rolling out many new features over the coming weeks, and would love to get your feedback.

Klout helps people be known for what they love.

The best way to have an impact online is to create and share great content that will strike a chord with your followers.

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