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Don’t just measure your Klout. Build it!

February 6th, 2014 by Sanjay Desai

People always ask us, “How can I raise my Klout Score?” While the math is complicated, the answer is simple: create great content. That said, we all know how hard it can be to consistently share stuff that your friends and followers react to (trust me, it gets even harder with a couple of kids in tow.)

Today I’m proud to announce a new version of Klout that takes the first step towards our vision of helping people be known for what they love. Leveraging our massive trove of social data and years of experience developing the topic graph, our new content platform helps Klout users be better content creators.

Create Content

The ‘Create’ tab helps you find great articles and posts worth sharing with your audience. Unlike most apps that suggest content for your personal consumption, Klout intelligently recommends content that will strike a chord with your unique set of friends, fans, and followers. Helpful tags highlight fresh content that is starting to trend as well as items that closely match the interests of your audience members and are likely to resonate with them.

New Klout Create Tab

Schedule & Measure

Klout’s new platform also allows you to schedule your posts so they can be delivered when people are actually listening. Thanks to the Klout Score, you can then measure and track your impact. (Fear not, the scoring algorithm remains unchanged.)

Like the process of developing the Klout Score, building a product that makes it easy to create and share quality online content is going to take time. Over the coming weeks we’ll be launching tools that help you with original content creation and provide deeper insights into your impact on social. As always, your feedback is vital to making Klout even more useful–let us know what you think.

We’re excited about taking our first step today, and can’t wait to help you be known for what you love tomorrow.

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Klout helps people be known for what they love.

The best way to have an impact online is to create and share great content that will strike a chord with your followers.

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