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Here’s the Impact of 3 Million Retweets on Your Klout Score

March 5th, 2014 by Jon Dick

As most of you have seen, Ellen Degeneres literally shut down Twitter Sunday night by sharing a selfie during the Oscars that as of publication has been retweeted over 3 million times. This tweet made social media history by setting the record for most retweets ever and becoming the first user to top 1 million retweets for a single Twitter post. Talk about Klout.

The question on everyone’s mind, of course, is what kind of impact does 3 million tweets have on someone’s Klout Score?

In the case of @TheEllenShow, she already had an impressive Klout Score of 92.8 (all those great dance moves count for something, afterall). When you’ve got a Score this high, it is incredibly difficult to move the needle. Despite this, that one tweet drove Ellen’s Klout Score to a record high of 95.1. This moves her into the top 100 influencers on social media!

For those of us who don’t share Ellen’s excellent dance moves, the impact of 3M retweets would be much higher. If you were a fairly active social media user with a Klout Score of 50, this tweet would have increased your Score to a whopping 77. Not bad for a day’s work. Of course, you’d need to continue producing great content to maintain this Score. Luckily, #NewKlout has your back.

Although the impact of 3M retweets on the Klout Score is interesting, we wanted to understand the broader impact that this tweet had across the social web. We looked at it three ways:

1) A rising tide lifts all ships

Across the board, people who engaged with the tweet saw their own Klout Scores go up. Most interestingly, people who replied to the tweet with their own thoughts got more reactions from their followers. This resulted in an average Klout Score increase of 4.5x that of those who just retweeted it. This goes to show how important it is to create original content.

2) Even the lurkers got involved

Of the people who interacted with the tweet, 22% had not created any content on Twitter in the previous seven days. And >50% had created less than 5 interactions on Twitter. It’s amazing what can happen when a popular celebrity asks you to tweet.

To illustrate this point, Twitter’s data team created an 60-second animated map to show all of the Twitter activity from the night. You’ll notice that at 22:00, when Ellen shares her selfie, the map lights up.


3) Going beyond the tweet

The impact of Ellen’s selfie went far beyond the tweet itself. Articles about the record setting tweet in the #NewKlout content stream were shared at at 2.5x the rate of other articles that day. Everyone wanted in on the action.

So in the end, who won from all this? Samsung for their product placement? Ellen for her Klout? Twitter for dominating the Oscars? In the words of Ellen herself, “We’re all winners tonight.”

Thank you to @itsmesahana, @harmophone, @prantik, @sarahellinger, @AdithyaRao for their support in writing this post.

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  • SearchBuzz

    I thought it would be enough to take her to 100!

  • Phil Blades

    The map is quite revealing of who in the world is doing what (and how late us European’s stay up!)

  • mikefirst1

    when will Klout just come out and show the algorithm? When will Klout publish a list of which activities impact the K score the most? Which networks impact the score the most? etc. Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Scott Childress

    Pretty fascinating. One thing I noticed from the map was that there was already significant activity before Ellen asked everyone to tweet. So her selfie was cashing in on a topic that was already heavily trending – my guess in record numbers for a televised event. Be on the lookout for 2015 Super Bowl ads that specifically ask people to perform an action. pic: BEFORE the selfie.

  • Klout

    Great insight, @scott_childress:disqus! We noticed the same thing. Thanks for commenting!

  • Klout

    Hi @mikefirst1:disqus, if you’re looking for more info on how to become a great content creator, we have detailed information on our scored networks here: If you’re looking for ways to grow your influence, you’re in the right place. We focus on publishing educational content to help our users learn the ins and outs of social media on our blog.

  • Ladymojo

    I was surprised this even impacted my Klout score.

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  • Kat Schroeder

    As much as I value transparency, as soon as something like this becomes public, the gaming will start. There’s enough of that already, and those gamers only make things harder for everyone else. I say, just keep producing great content and connecting with the influencers that matter in your sphere across all your networks. BTW, nice article, Klout!

  • anastasia @ eco-babyz

    How sad, the world is on the verge of WWIII and people are more concerned with celebrities. People are completely blind to their own government screwing them and taking away all their freedoms one by one. Pharmaceutical companies killing millions with prescription drugs. All of our food poisoned with highly toxic chemicals, on your dinner plate. Totally asleep. But hey, you’ve got the new version of iPhone and you are good at retweeting! Sigh.

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  • Jan Clemens Faerber

    gonna klout

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  • Barry Kidd

    1) I’m not a big twitter guy and “for the most part” I could care less about it.

    2) I’m with you on the fact that people are so involved in unimportant crap that they they, we, fail to see the real issues in the world around us. Put on my tinfoil hat.

    3) Regardless if we don’t do the things that we enjoy then there’s simply no point in giving a shit what’s happening or going to happen tinfoil hat or not. For me it may be a beautiful photo or an exceptional day spent with my wife and daughters. For others it may be something as small as twitter or the Oscars. Don’t forget to have fun because when all you worry about are the tragic events then there;’s really no point in worrying about the tragic events.

  • anastasia @ eco-babyz

    I totally agree Barry, we must make the most of this short life on earth. But it’s also true that the people that made the biggest impact on humankind and history were those that thought globally – not just about themselves. However, we ARE the world to our children and people close to us, so we should never let other things cloud that. I am the type of person that certainly loves to have fun, unplugged from social media with my family :)

  • Barry Kidd

    I should know better than to ever write anything in the forums past midnight. Every time I do my spelling and even something as simple as trying to express myself suffers.

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