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#NewKlout Works…And It’s Getting Even Better

March 21st, 2014 by James Landau

Klout has the largest collection of cross-network social data in the world. Earlier this year we began putting that data to use to help our users create and share great content on social media.

Today we’re excited to share some initial data about how well #NewKlout is working for our users, and also to unveil a new set of features that help you grow your audience online.

To determine the impact that content sharing through Klout has had for our users, we looked no further than the Klout Score itself. We analyzed the engagement metrics of users who have shared from the platform at least once per week since we launched #NewKlout.

We’ve seen great results for all cohorts of users, though we’re particularly excited about the results for folks in the 40-59 score range. We found that with the help of Klout, users in this cohort shared around 13 posts a week and that they experienced, in turn, an average score increase of about 1.7 points compared to those who didn’t.

It’s important to remember that our scoring algorithm does not give preferential treatment to content shared through Klout. That said, regardless of how or where you post, your score does improve whenever you share stuff that resonates with your audience. An average score increase of 1.7 points suggests that users are finding relevant and engaging content using Klout. We’re excited by these preliminary results, and will be digging more into our data over the coming weeks.

Although we’re encouraged by this result, there’s more we can do to help users increase their impact online. There are several new features being released today that make sharing from Klout even more powerful.


Suggested People

The best way to accomplish your goals using social media is to create great content and build meaningful relationships. #NewKlout already has you covered on the content front, and now it can help you build relationships as well. Whenever you share content, Klout will suggest members of your audience on Twitter who are interested in similar topics. By mentioning these individuals, you’re more likely to spark engaging conversations.

Scheduler Enhancements

A few weeks ago, Klout became the first scheduling tool to recommend times based on when your audience is most active. By publishing at these times, you’re more likely to share the right message at the right time with the right people. Starting today, you can now see a full timeline of your audience’s activity, which makes it even easier for you to select the best possible time.

Link Shortening

You can now choose whether or not Klout automatically shortens urls in the content you create and share.

Topic Explorer

Klout intelligently recommends content that will strike a chord with your unique audience. We can do this because we understand both the topical interests and cross-network behavior of both you and your audience. Topics are initially determined by analyzing your past content and the engagement it generated.

Starting today, you have a new way to customize and expand your topic list: the Topic Explorer. This interactive tool recommends common topics within a variety of larger categories. Try it out to expand the range of content in your stream. The more topics you have, the easier it is for Klout to suggest articles relevant to you.

As always, we’d appreciate your feedback on these new features and on anything else we can do to help you be known for what you love.

Klout helps people be known for what they love.

The best way to have an impact online is to create and share great content that will strike a chord with your followers.

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