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Top Mobile Apps Featuring Creative Content

October 16th, 2013 by Bradley Exum

The smartphone is an incredibly useful piece of technology to have in your pocket. Apps specialized to your interests take the smartphone’s efficiency to the next level. Here are our top picks for mobile apps that are designed to speed up your life and surface only the best items and creative finds that are relevant to you.

1. Artsy

artsyArtsy is a mobile app that lets users browse and buy art from leading galleries, artists’ estates, and museums around the world. Carter Cleveland, Artsy’s CEO, describes the app as “the art world in your hand”. It has introduced a product that is a refreshing addition to the art world by letting users work closely with specialists and curators to find the work of art that is perfect for them. “You can find any work you like, and ask a specialist… and you can do this all with a few taps of the phone.” Artsy is available for iOS and can be downloaded for free here.

2. Fab

fabFab is a members-only website and mobile app that offers curated deals from the best designers and manufacturers around the globe. You can purchase from directly within the app, preview upcoming deals and sales, and even search items in Fab’s inventory based on category, price, color, and design. Fab succeeds where similar shopping apps fail, offering a wide selection of sales handpicked from their vast inventory and making the purchasing experience fast and easy. This is available for free on iPhone and Android and can be downloaded from the Fab website.

3. Cookbooth

CookboothCookbooth is a beautifully designed mobile app for food lovers where users can snap photos of their cooking process and create step-by-step photo recipes to share with other users. Just as Instagram changed the way we share photos, Cookbooth is revolutionizing the way we record and share recipes. The app is great for amateur foodies and expert chefs alike: you can follow a few foodies to discover new recipes or, if you’re a more serious user in the community, you can actively share knowledge and useful cooking techniques to gain a following. This app is available for the iPhone and can be downloaded for free here.

4. Etsy


Etsy is a mobile and online community for those who enjoy shopping and finding one-of-a-kind items and unique bargains. With over 18 million items listed, and 800,000 sellers from San Francisco to Moscow and everywhere in between, you’re guaranteed to find great stuff with this app. Discovering new items is easier than ever: You can bookmark your favorite shops to easily find new content from your favorite curators, and the app even makes handpicked suggestions based on your shopping history. The Etsy app is perfect for people who want to find deals and unique items completely tailored to their personal style. This is all available on both the iPhone and Android, and can be downloaded for free here.

5. Find. Eat. Drink


Advertised as “the world’s first travel guide curated by top tier chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, baristas, pitmasters and food artisans”, Find. Eat. Drink. is a travel app with a twist: it sets itself apart by showcasing insider recommendations from industry leaders that include curated lists of great restaurants, bars, cafés and shops. The app currently allows you to browse through over 120 cities, and updates weekly with lists from 340 local experts of the best places to shop and eat. This free app is available for iPhone and can be downloaded from their website.

And finally…. Cinch

CinchWhether you’re redecorating your home, gardening, furniture shopping, parenting or raising pets—Cinch has the people with great advice to make every decision easier. Cinch builds on the data science that powers the Klout Score to seamlessly connect the person asking a question with the best possible advisor. Just tap in a question on your iPhone to get connected to our community of people with the best advice. Download Cinch and join our community.

These are our favorite picks for apps that feature useful and creative  content. What are yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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Connect Your Social Profiles to Bing with Klout-verified Snapshots

October 11th, 2013 by Paul Kim and Genevieve Lydstone

From the beginning of Klout, we’ve been focused on helping people better understand and be recognized for how they influence others. Through our ongoing partnership with Bing, we’ve been able to integrate search results into the Klout Score as a direct indicator of real world influence. Today we’re excited to announce that we’re taking another step in connecting search with influence by introducing Klout-verified Snapshots on Bing.

Search is one of the most common ways that information about you is discovered by other people. Snapshots on Bing enable anyone who signs up on Klout to verify and manage how they appear in Bing search results, based on their public social network profiles. You’ll now be able to easily share your professional accomplishments and highlights, as well as your most influential moments on Instagram and Twitter, when people search for you on Bing.

Here’s how it works.

You’ll need to register for Klout if you don’t already have an account, and then connect your LinkedIn profile to your Klout account. To get started, click here. After you’ve connected your LinkedIn profile to Klout, you’ll be able to claim your Bing Snapshot.

Now, when someone searches for you on Bing, your Klout-verified Snapshot will be displayed next to the search results and will show your:

  • Public LinkedIn summary
  • Links to your connected social profiles
  • Klout Score and influential topics
  • Two of your most influential public moments from Twitter (over the past 7 days) and Instagram (over the past 90 days)

You can manage what gets shown in your Snapshot by editing your public profile data on LinkedIn. You can also turn off the display of Twitter and Instagram moments on Bing or opt out of Klout-verified Snapshots by changing your Connected Networks settings on Klout.

Claim your Klout-verified Snapshot today, and take control of how you appear to others when they search for you on Bing.

A special thanks to the teams at Klout and Microsoft responsible for making this happen, especially Aaron Yuen, Dan Marantz, Prantik Bhattacharyya, David Temple, David Friedman, and Ananda Ghosh. Read the Bing announcement about today’s update here.

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Introducing Cinch

September 20th, 2013 by Sanjay Desai

Our ongoing mission at Klout is to help everyone realize their influence. We believe that by sharing your passions and expertise with the world, each one of us can not only make an impact but also help others. To move this mission forward, earlier this year we launched Klout Experts, which enabled influencers to directly respond to questions about their areas of expertise and share their answers with millions of other people through our partnership with Bing.

Even as a limited preview release, the response to Klout Experts blew us away, in both the quality of the answers people provided and the high rate of participation by Klout influencers. We knew we had tapped into the next extension of influence: people directly helping other people by sharing their wisdom and knowledge and influencing them to make better decisions.

Today we’re excited to announce Cinch, a new mobile app for iOS that builds on everything we’ve learned about influence and expertise to deliver a great new way to get personalized advice. Cinch uses Klout’s technology platform and data assets to understand the questions you ask and then match them to the most relevant potential advisors.

Cinch helps everyone get timely advice about a range of lifestyle-related questions, such as home improvement, parenting, and more, from knowledgeable advisors. Cinch advisors have a new way to share their expertise and grow their influence, just by offering their advice.

We hope you’ll enjoy using Cinch, which we think is a great complement to Klout. Get it today at the App Store and let us know what you think.

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A Redesigned Klout Profile and All Your Perks in One Place

September 20th, 2013 by Sahana Ullagaddi

We just rolled out some new features on Klout that we’re excited to share with you.

Redesigned Profiles
We’ve updated the profile page with a fresh new design so that it’s easier for others to get a sense of who you are on online. Just like on the old profile, you’ll find the new look showcases the social networks you’re active on, your topics, top influencers, and a sample of your top content. When viewing your friends’ profiles, you’ll have an opportunity to give them +K in the topics you think they’re influential about. The new modular, tiled layout of the profile will allow us to add more interesting data points about your influence down the line, so stay tuned.

Updated Klout Profile

Your personal Perks page
We’ve moved all of your Perks to its own dedicated page so that you can easily see which new Perks you are eligible for and check on the status of Perks you’ve claimed. Want to see if you’ve made it off the waitlist or leave feedback for a completed Perk? Just navigate to your personal Perks page from the black navigation to revisit that particular Perk. You can even check out other Perks that we’ve got in the works from this page.

‘My Perks’ page

Perks Showcase
From your personal Perks page, you can click on any Perk to check out what influencers are saying about the experience. You’ll find ratings, reviews, and all of the social buzz happening around that Perk. Share your experience and your posts may appear there too!

Influencer Reviews & Perks Showcase

We’re always working to improve improve the Klout user experience. Check out your new profile and let us know how you like the new look in the comments below.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Twitter Users

September 13th, 2013 by Bradley Exum

Image Credit:

Twitter is one of the best platforms for marketing personal and professional brands. But have you ever wondered what makes the difference between an account with thousands of engaged followers, and an account with mostly disengaged followers? The “best” people on Twitter may all seem very different, ranging from comedians, political officials, celebrities, and crazy 20-somethings who just like to have fun; but they all have a lot in common with regard to how they use Twitter.

These seven habits of highly effective Twitter users can help even the most novice tweeter greatly improve their tweeting to engage and grow their followers.

1. They interact with their followers
With Twitter’s new conversation view, it’s becoming more and more important to be actively engaged in conversations. If you take the “social” out of social media, then you’ve lost the point! Show potential followers that you’re not on a pedestal, that you’re ready and willing to converse with your audience. The most successful Twitter users engage with their followers by consistently responding to tweets, asking questions, and starting great conversations.

2. They stay consistent with their content
When someone follows you on Twitter, it’s usually because your tweets convey that you have specific shared interests with that person. Tweeting using a consistent voice about consistent topics makes your interests more clear to potential followers on first-look, making it easier for them to hit the ‘follow’ button. The best Twitter users stick to a few topics for the bulk of their tweets, while still occasionally mixing it up.

3. They promote others
Retweet! Social media is about sharing, and there’s no better way to share on Twitter than retweeting content that interests you into the timelines of your followers. Some of the best Twitter users out there retweet to promote others much more than they promote their own content. This encourages the formation of an engaged audience, and when the time is right, a community that’s ready to really listen.

4. They aren’t afraid to ask for interaction
This may come as a surprise, but asking for a retweet is one of the best ways to get more RTs, and get your tweets into more timelines of potential followers! A recent study found that tweets have a 12x higher chance of being retweeted if you ask for it. Even more surprising, the study found that your tweet has a 23x higher chance of getting an RT if the word “retweet” is actually spelled out. All you have to do is ask!

5. They monitor their performance
Since most Twitter users don’t read back to tweets that aren’t less than a couple of hours old, it only makes sense to test out different times that work best for engagement. Timing your tweets can be invaluable to your success on Twitter. Some of our favorite tools include Buffer and Hootsuite. These can greatly improve how and when you engage with your followers, as well as give you analytics on when the best times to tweet can be.

6. They limit self-promotion
This one should go without saying: Don’t spam your followers! If you fill your timeline with tweets asking your followers to fund your latest Kickstarter/artistic venture/Sunday brunch, then you’re doing it all wrong. You should always be adding more value to Twitter than you hope to gain from it. Use a method that some call the 80-20 rule: If 80% of your tweets are full of interesting and interactive content that is beneficial to your audience, you’ll keep your network engaged enough to have them interacting with the self-promotion that you allocate for the other 20% of your tweets.

7. Highly effective Twitter users are positive!
It’s been shown that when you’re happy and humorous on Twitter, you gain more followers than those who tweet in a more regularly negative tone. This makes sense: people don’t sign up for Twitter to engage with negativity! In fact, it’s been shown that Twitter users whose tweets are mostly of a negative sentiment start to lose more followers faster. Happiness is the key to success, especially on Twitter!

Adopt these seven simple habits that the best Twitter users have, you should be on your way to engaging your followers more effectively, and gaining new followers faster! How do you plan to change the way you tweet? Have you noticed any other habits of highly effective Twitter users? Let us know in the comments below!

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