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#Basic Holiday Guide for Social Media
December 13, 2016



The holiday season seems to sneak up on us even if we had every intention to plan ahead. But life has this funny way of getting in the way and, before you know it, we're putting those turkeys in the oven, rushing out to get our holiday shopping done, and hearing those sleigh bells ring.


Why do the holidays create so much stress for marketers? Is it because holiday decorations now go up beforeHalloween? Or is it because people no longer wait for “Black Friday” to do all of their shopping? Whatever the case may be, if we haven't firmed up our holiday campaign plans in the summer – when we were probably lounging poolside – we're already woefully behind.


There's never enough time to think about what success really looks like when the holidays roll around. But you're probably putting too much pressure on yourself anyways. So, take on a new approach: less thinking, more doing. Even if you're just getting started now – tisk, tisk! – making the most of your social media efforts over the holidays should be easy and a little fun, too!

Don't to know where to start?

Follow these simple steps!