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Consider These Marketing Resolutions For 2015
January 13, 2015


January is the month of resolutions; whether it’s pledging to eat better, getting in shape or taking a trip, the beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on what’s important and how to make this year better than the last. Resolutions aren’t just for people, they are for brands as well.


We asked brands in our community to outline their social marketing resolutions with us and found that a few marketing trends stood out to us. 



Less is More


These days there are countless social media channels available, but there is no need to have a presence on all of them. Many brands shared that they plan to take a step back and trace back to which efforts helped them gain big wins. To find the platform that works for you, we recommend scoping out where your target audience and community already exists.


For example, if you are looking to specifically engage DIY enthusiasts, Pinterest may be a more engaging social media channel to invest in growing rather than Twitter. By nature of their visual brand, the PostcardMania team plans to follow this strategy as well. Rachel Scott from PostcardMania resolves to invest more time in platforms which support visually engaging content.



Brand Transparency


We all like a brand that isn’t afraid to show their customers who they really are. Leveraging social media to build trust and loyalty with customers was a major trend in 2014. Brands attempted to achieve this through answering social customer service tweets, providing opportunities to try new products before anyone else, and even through sharing behind-the-scenes social media posts.


At Envoc, this year they are focusing on being more transparent on social media through their “Behind the Scenes” posts on Instagram. “The plan is to use it as a tool for companies to see the real people behind the projects and the company culture as a whole,” says their Marketing Director, Frank Kerner.



Bring in the Community


In the fast paced world of social media marketing it is typical to use social channels for content distribution rather than a channel for feedback. Most brands have a steady stream of fans that want to contribute and interact with the brand. It is important to give your social community a chance to not only interact with your brand, but with each other.


Adam Lasky from Spreadshirt, resolved to, “Get out of our customers’ way and let them talk to each other.” Their goal is to facilitate peer to peer interactions without censoring and to encourage customers to interact with each other rather than Spreadshirt being the one to spark the conversation. This is a great approach to building community and brand loyalty.



What Goes Around Comes Around


Many brands are resolving to delight their customers by being more helpful and paying-it-forward in this coming year. If you hope to make an impression on a potential customer, this is a great way to show them who you are and they will likely be interested in learning more once they have a great experience.


John Turner, CEO of UsersThink resolves to “spend a little bit of time reaching out to someone who has a problem, and helping them, even if it’s not pointing them to my product.” This is a way for a brand to genuinely help a customer, or what might be one, with an issue. It takes the marketing agenda out of the interaction and makes your brand seem like less of a brand, more of a person.


Good luck to all those who have been bold enough to make social media marketing resolutions for 2015. If you or your brand have made any that you would like to share, please do so below in the comments section!



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