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Four Questions to Ask Before Running an Influencer Program
November 20, 2014


So, you want to run an influencer program, but you’re not quite sure how it works or what is the best way to begin. You know other companies have had great success, but you don’t know their secret recipe. How do you find influencers? How do you get them interested? Do you pay them?


Before we explore the answers, let’s talk about influencers. Why do influencers matter so much? Influencers are people with the power to spread the message of your brand to a targeted audience. They may include industry analysts, professional bloggers, journalists and passionate online enthusiasts who create content and maintain a loyal following.


Influencers are the people other people listen to, particularly those who are within their circle of trust. Because of their ability to influence consumers that have a specific passion for a certain topic, they are able to reach and promote brands, products and services far more credibly than a brand itself can.


When you run a successful influencer program, it connects you to these important people by means of offering rewards and experiences with your brand that inspire them to write about your brand and share it with their audience. You can then leverage this UGC to further increase your reach.


So, before you begin, explore these four questions to make sure you get off to a strong start.



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