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Introducing: Klout Topic Expertise and International Expansion
May 05, 2015

Since Klout joined forces with Lithium in 2014, we’ve all been working tirelessly to imagine what the next phase of the Klout experience could be. Well, friends, that day has come.


We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re excited to begin unveiling a number of enhancements to Klout. In a digital world full of noise, these features bring more context to the Klout Score by helping people make better decisions and creating greater trust in whom to follow and in topics that are most relevant to them.


We’re introducing a new way to discover the most influential subject matter experts on social media. This feature will make it easier for people to make personal decisions based on the right context and with a higher degree of trust, based on the expertise of the people they choose to follow. By adding this new dimension to Klout Scores, we hope to ultimately pave the way for our users to have better, more immersive, more meaningful, and more relevant experiences with brands and each other.


Here’s a quick rundown of the key enhancements that are being launched today and how it will positively impact you as a user in the minutes, days, and months to come:



Klout Topic Expertise


Starting today and rolling out throughout the month of May, users will be able to easily see who the experts are for all topics found on Klout and identify individual Klout expertise. To be considered a Klout Expert on a topic, users must be in the top few percentages of all global users. Log in now to see if you have been identified as a Klout Expert.


Klout in New Languages


By the end of May, the core Klout experience (Klout Score, navigation, alerts, and Perks) will be available in four new languages: Arabic, French, German, and Spanish. In the coming months, topic expertise and topic pages will be available in those languages as well. This is a major milestone as it is the first-ever internationalization of the Klout platform.


Non-Klout User Benefits


While we’d love for everyone to be a Klout user, we figure the next best thing is to make the benefits of Klout actually benefit both registered and unregistered users alike. Across online communities, ratings and reviews sites, media properties, and e-commerce destinations, there are thousands of conversations happening between individuals of varying influence and expertise. Now, the expertise ratings of those individuals (again, if they are Klout users) can follow them through their digital journey, giving their insight and reviews added relevance – and making it easier for others to decide who would be best to follow on any given topic.


So there you have it – the next phase of Klout is here, and it’s going to revolutionize how we perceive and act upon the value of influence. Take time to visit Klout today and, if you haven’t yet registered yourself as a Klout user, there’s no better time than now to join the fun.


Were you selected as a #KloutExpert? If so, share the news with the world!

Sahana Ullagaddi

Sahana Ullagaddi is Demand Generation Marketing Manager for Lithium Social Web at Lithium. She previously led content, community, and social marketing for Klout. Tweet her at @itsmesahana.



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